Exclusive interview at ArmeniaPress

1. What do you know about Armenian National football team?

I know very well Armenia NFT! Good team that had changed in this Qualifications, under Mr. Bernard Challandes the play’s sistem, with good players and with the star Mhkitaryan

2. Which Armenian football players do you single out from the team?

I don’t know if I understood well the question… I think that Mhkitaryan is the best player, but is the team the real strengh !

In all the matches played, they put in the field much quality, and they lost always for a gol

3.What are your expectations for the upcoming game between Albania
and Armenia in March.

I know that i twill be a strong match for us, but we  want to take advantage of the home factor.

4. Have you watched Denmark vs Armenia, Armenia vs Serbia and Portugal vs Armenia? What is your opinion on these matches?

Yes of course! Three very good matches and at home against Serbia, Armenia would have deserte to win. Agaist  a new Portugal very well. The same judgment in the first game against Denmark.

5. To your mind, which teams from the group I of Euro-2016 are the favorites?

I think that Portugal and Denmark will go in France. For third place will be a tough fight between the other three teams.

Interview by Varvara Hayrapetian,  Syune Barseghyan